Hannah Mayo’s Music Studio

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Hannah E. Mayo

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Music Degree in Piano Pedagogy and a Master of Music Degree in Piano Performance from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where she was awarded the Phi Beta Kappa Masters Award. As a graduate assistant, she taught applied piano, class piano, and music theory. She continues to teach class piano at ULL as an adjunct professor.

Hannah began her teaching internship at the ULL Piano Pedagogy Lab Program in 2005 under the direction of Dr. Susanna Garcia, who encouraged her to pursue her interests in piano lessons for preschool age children in addition to elementary and intermediate level  students.

In 2009, while still in graduate school at ULL, Hannah was invited to be the in-house piano teacher at REACH, an after school and summer care program steeped in education and enthusiasm for learning. She taught private piano lessons there until the founding of Hannah Mayo’s Music Studio, Inc.

In 2012, the REACH Preschool Institute was established and she began teaching preschool lessons in addition to her private piano students. Hannah now has students of all ages and levels, some that have been studying with her for close to a decade. Her teaching philosophy is centered around the "ear before eye" approach and is deeply rooted in Edwin E. Gordon's Music Learning Theory. She guides her students in becoming literate musicians through audiation development. We must first develop the true instrument...the body, the voice, and the ear...so that we can more naturally and enthusiastically enjoy learning to play the piano, which is a fantastic extension of our own selves as musical instruments. Music is much like a language and students play with more engagement and confidence when they have mastery of a vocabulary of rhythm patterns and tonal patterns. These patterns are what Hannah aims to teach her students in addition to repertoire and songs of varying styles and levels of difficulty. 

In the summer of 2018, Hannah attended the Gordon Institute for Music Learning's Professional Development Course in Piano, a two week intensive, where she studied Music Learning Theory, it's application to piano instruction, and Music Moves for Piano, written by Marilyn Lowe, the primary method Hannah Mayo Music has adopted. Hannah is certified by the Music Teachers National Association and the Louisiana Music Teachers Association. She has served as Vice President and currently serves as President and District Piano Rally Chair. 

Hannah was a founding member, pianist, and board member for L’Opera de Lafayette et Lagniappe from 2014 to 2017, a collection of musicians dedicated to sharing vocal art music with the Acadiana area. She played with the ULL University Wind Ensemble from Spring 2006-Spring 2010 and actively participates in collaborative and chamber music at the ULL School of Music and in the Lafayette area. 

Hannah plans to go back to ULL in the Fall of 2020 to pursue a second M.M. in theory/composition. While there, her aim will be to complete a series of piano repertoire books, each featuring a different tonality (major, minor, dorian, mixolydian, etc.).